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has the MANIA/RYAN BLOOMER split-collab LP on Gaping Hole for $10. It's in the vinyl section. Ajna also has copies of the "Justmeat" LP & the awesome "White Power" comp LP bootleg.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

MANIA/HAL HUTCHINSON "WRECKAGE" review by Bloated Slutbag

Mania / Hal Hutchinson‎ – Wreckage
Now this is what I call atmosphere. The atmosphere of decay, mechanical decay. Decayed, decaying, decrepit, decomposing. The broken-down, enfeebled, protestations of poor, abused machine, sickened, as in SICKENED-to-DEATH of being raged against. But broken-down, enfeebled protestations are all it will ever manage, the poor, abused machine utterly beyond salvage. Atmos. Filth-flavored, gutter atmos. Where have I heard this before? It would have to have been in “Tahta Tarla”, that pervection of atmos submitted under the combined perv-visions of Giancarlo Toniutti and Andrew Chalk. But, whereas Toniutti n pal allow their collab to meander a fair bit, as one might expect of them, Mr Mania and friend Hutchinson get right into it. Right into it, m'boyo! So yes, still that familiar stench, of corpse being dragged around disused drainage tunnel. But these boys have their shirts off. Waist-deep in filth, plowing on through. A dramatic pause: to flex.  Yes, this is a muscular sound, heavy, thunderous, even, made more so by completely eschewing the barest hint of fuzzed-out, flatulent, feedback. Mania kicks it off with a solo joint, heaving large slabs of precision-cut metals into a nicely composed arrangement of scrapped clunk 'n drag. Surprisingly, um, nice. A perversion that obviously came at some cost and at no detriment to the filth-filled fundament. Ignition initiates the essential Mania-Hutchinson flavor, that of tar-blackened, bass-heavy, agitation through which assorted junks are lugged, hurled, and, occasionally, dropped- onto unprotected toes. The inevitable howls of agony ensue, buried somewhat, but lending proceedings a marked miserablist taint. Things culminate quickly in the definitive “Beyond Salvage”, scrapped junks of the shitey-est of viscosity, ripped, rough-hewn fidelity underscored by the sudden incursion of a greased-up, rippled, oscillation and the faintest hints of agonized howling, growing more monstrous, almost manic, before decisively shutting the fuck up at 4:35. And. And that's all you deserve! And what you deserve is your shit-medicine in the most compacted of allotments. At least, until the rather epic “Warhead”, wherein all stops are broken out. Slow growth of filth-drowned slog, metal slabs stumbling around the channel pan. Enter miserablist oscillations. Determined frequency overbilge threatens to suffocate the dank, echoed, machinations in slow, sinking, sludge-hole. Grind to a halt, and cleanly scrapped crank 'n clank signals the closing movement, loading capacities to the brim before a grim cycling ambience escorts a play of crunch and screech to conclusion. Almost as an afterthought, Hutchinson unloads the self-explanatory “Factory Of Metalsound  (Corrosive+Treatment)”: extended orchestration of wonderfully dense scrapheap molestation, a neverending, ever-collapsing, textured field of fractured heave and toss. Vivenza must wank himself silly over this shit.

- written by BLOATED SLUTBAG

Monday, November 3, 2014


Encephalophonic: Alone 7"
Audio Dissection

All right, now we're talking! If the 'phonic's side of the above split was slightly lacking in spirit, that's certainly not the case here. This is a no holds barred harsh noise attack of the most vicious kind!!! "Auto-Induced Maniacal State" indeed. Make sure not to consider this as "just" fast cut-ups. They are the, no worries, but E knows when to step back and raise the fists in the air and just let the sounds flow on their own.

One minor flaw, to my ears, is that both sides of the 7" fade out instead of going out with a bang. It works, though, and there's enough ear candy already. Maybe there's even no sense trying to top what's been going on with an even greater ending.

Nice artwork as well, and one that will make those who like to bitch about noise cliches bitch like there's no tomorrow.

Nearly perfect harsh fucking noise 7".

REVIEW BY  UNTERGESCHOSS (Special Interests forum)

Monday, October 27, 2014

MANIA/HALALNIHIL split tape out now

Nasty, filthy analog Power Electronics noise, and Hungarian Spoken Word / minimalistic P.E., with utterly degenerated lyrics, and kinda sterile sound.
Profesionally duplicated tapes, b/w artwork.

Order a copy? Write here:

Price: 6 EUR + postage.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taint "Justmeat" LP

The new reissue of Taint's "Justmeat" from Urashima, Italy is available from Malignant Records, The Ajna Offensive, & soon to be available from Analog Worship and Total Black. I would assume Self Abuse will have it in stock, too.

Malignant, Analog Worship, & Total Black (Canada) have the Mania cassette, "Decrepit" in stock, as well.

*leather photo is by Audio Dissection

Tuesday, September 23, 2014